The best Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant in St Albans

Take Away Food

We offer an extensive and tasty range of Vietnamese and Chinese dishes as part of our take away options. These meals are totally in line with our main restaurant standards,

Great Wine

On top of the delicious food we offer via our take away and restaurant menus, we also provide an accommodating wine list. We serve these wines with both full bottle

Finest Cuisine

Our restaurant prides itself on it’s cultural element and diversity coupled with maintaining high quality. Our restaurant menu is comprehensive and offers the great Vietnamese

Nice Staff

We are a family run business and have neem for a long period of time. Our pride and focus has always been to maintain the integrity of Song Huong by ensuring our staff

About Song Huong Cuisine

Our fine restaurant is located in the heart of the western region of Melbourne, in the suburb of St Albans. We have a long history of providing quality Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine in this part of Melbourne which is a testament to our loyal customers, who always come back for more. Our restaurant ensures both a unique and comfortable surrounding offering a relaxed atmosphere, to enjoy a meal in our honour.

We also offer a diverse and extensive menu with a range of options, to cater to your specific requests. Come and visit us at any time, to experience our fine food and culture.

Song Huong Cuisine